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EaseUS Disk Copy License Key

EaseUS Disk Copy License Key

Copy any hard drive or USB flash drive

EaseUS Disk Copy is a simple Windows tool that lets you create an exact copy of any storage attached to your computer. Among the storage units you can copy with EaseUS Disk Copy, you’ll find hard drives, SSD volumes, USB pen drives, SD cards, and basically any form of storage you can connect to your PC.

The cloning feature is ideal if you want to upgrade a storage unit, for example, to other storage units with higher capacity that are common on the storage where you installed your operating system. It’s also useful when a storage volume starts to fail, as it will help you recover as much data as possible when backing up to another volume.

Simply click on the source drive to create a backup. Next, you select the target drive and the path you want to copy and start the process. The more information that needs to be backed up, the longer it takes to complete the backup.

EaseUS Disk Copy can be used to clone storage drives for free, but there are additional features you can only access with the paid version. One of them is the option to create a bootable drive with a USB flash drive so that you can quickly install the operating system on your computer when the system drive fails.

EaseUS Disk Copy Pro features

  • Cloning disks and partitions
  • Transferring the operating system to a new disk
  • Transfer data from HDD to SSD
  • Cloning an MBR disk to GPT and vice versa
  • Sector by sector cloning
  • Create boot disk
  • Supports FAT12 / FAT16 / FAT32 / NTFS file systems

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EaseUS Disk Copy Pro Free License


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