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Office 2016 Activation Programless Cmd

Office 2016 Activation Programless Cmd

Office 2016 Activation Without Program Cmd

Hello dear siberkalem.com followers, in this article , I will share with you how we can download the Office 2016 program.

I will also explain how we can activate office 2016 without using any other program after downloading and installing office 2016.

If you are ready, let’s follow the steps below

  • As the first step, we need to download Office 2016 to our computer.
  • You can download 64 bit / 32 bit version of Office 2016 from the link here .
  • For Office 2016 activation, we will not use a program and there is a command that we need to enter on the command line on our computer. You can download the contents of the command to your computer by clicking here .
  • TXT in the folder called activation.rar in the file we downloaded . Extract the file to the desktop.
Office 2016 Activation Programless Cmd
  • You only need to delete the TXT section from the rename section of the TXT file we downloaded and write CMD there in lowercase letters .
  • After you do cmd , the change name window will come to you, we say yes from there.


  • Right click on the file we made Activation.cmd and click Run as administrator .
  • After saying that, it will ask for your permission, we accept this.
  • By the way, do not forget that no Office program should be open in the background.

Office 2016 Activation Programless Cmd

  • When we start it as an administrator, the cmd command file will open and perform the operations.
  • When this process starts, your computer must be connected to the internet.
  • This process may take time depending on the speed of your internet.
  • When the process is finished, we enter any Office program and click File > Account menus respectively. You will see Product Activated as it appears.

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